Apple to invest $1.3 billion to build Iowa data center


Apple’s data center will be built in Wacau, Iowa, which is outside of Des Moines. (Image: Apple)

Apple said it will invest $1.3 billion to build a data center in Waukee, Iowa to host the company’s various services in North America.

The data center will support iMessage, Siri, the App Store, and various services. Apple services are an increasingly important source of growth and recurring revenue.

Apple said it will also contribute up to $100 million to a public improvement fund to develop infrastructure and community projects.

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In addition, Apple estimated that it will create more than 550 construction and operations job in the Des Moines area.

The data center will run on 100 percent renewable energy.

Construction will start in early 2018, and the data center is expected to be online in 2020.


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Apple to invest $1.3 billion to build Iowa data center

Apple will support various services, an important source of recurring revenue, with the data center.

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