Here are some of the new emoji coming to iOS 11

To help celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple is showing off some of the new emoji that will launch alongside iOS 11. The July 17 ‘holiday’ was picked because that’s the date used in most iterations of the calendar emoji character.

In celebration, Apple posted a handful of the new emoji coming to iOS 11, macOS, and watchOS when they’re available this fall.


Apple, Inc.

Some of the new emoji are long overdue, such as the “Woman with Headscarf” and “Breastfeeding” emoji. Some are more playful but just as useful, like the exploding head emoji. Or is it representative of your mind being blown? Either way, it’s bound to be useful.


Apple, Inc.

In total, 69 new emoji have been added to the official list of supported emoji, which means Android users will also gain access to the new emoji once Google adds them to Android.

Apple’s iOS 11, macOS 10.13, and watchOS 4 are expected to be available for download this fall. For those who can’t wait to test the latest software, you can take part of Apple’s public beta program. Although, you probably shouldn’t.

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