Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Z Fold 2: Launch date, features, specs, and everything else we know so far

In just a couple of weeks, Samsung is holding its latest Unpacked event, where the company is expected to announce five new devices, including the latest installment in the Note and Fold lineups. In addition to new phones, it’s possible we could see a new smartwatch, tablet, wireless earbuds, and who knows what else. 

We’ve been monitoring leaks and rumors for the new devices over the last couple of months, and below is a roundup of what we expect Samsung to announce. 

We’ll keep updating this post as more information bubbles to the surface.

What will the new Note be called?

  • We assume Galaxy Note 20
  • There could also be a Note 20 Ultra model

Samsung, like many electronics companies, likes to stick to a naming scheme once it’s established. That said, we don’t expect Samsung to follow up the Note 10 with the Note 11. Instead, we believe that Samsung will follow the same naming approach it took with the Galaxy S20 earlier this year, and announce the Galaxy Note 20. 

It’s unclear how many Note 20 models there will be and what exactly the bigger version will be called. Our money is on a Note 20 and a Note 20 Ultra. 

When will Samsung announced the Note 20 and Fold 2?

  • Samsung is holding a virtual Unpacked event on Aug. 5.

In early July, Samsung announced it will hold a virtual Unpacked event on Aug. 5 at 10am ET. The invite for the event leaves a lot to the imagination but appears to show an S-Pen dripping ink into a puddle that splashes it. The meaning? Your guess is as good as mine. 

When will you get the Note 20 in your hands? Well, Samsung has been announcing new phones, taking preorders, and then releasing them a couple of weeks later. According to XDA TV host and writer Max Weinbach, the current Note 20 launch date is Aug. 21.


Image courtesy of Evan Blass (@evleaks)

What will the Note 20 look like?

  • A lot like the Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • The S Pen slot has been moved

Why explain it, when you can watch this short hands-on video? Here: 

As you can see, the supposed Note 20 Ultra is slightly bigger than the Note 10 Plus, has the S Pen holder in a new position, and a massive camera bump — just like the S20 Ultra. 

Prior to the hands-on video, Weinbach posted some renders that Samsung had accidentally published on the Russian version of the company’s website. 

What about specs?

  • A 120Hz QHD display on the Ultra
  • Snapdragon 865+ is likely 
  • 100x zoom is already a thing of the past
  • Triple-camera setup on both models

Qualcomm just announced the Snapdragon 865 Plus mobile processor, and according to Ice Universe which has a solid track record of leaking accurate information before it’s publicly available, that’s exactly what will be used in the Note 20 lineup. The slightly upgraded processor adds a 10% boost in CPU and GPU performance, breaking the 3GHz frequency threshold. Like the standard 865 processor, it includes 5G connectivity, which we expect the Note 20 line to utilize. 

Just this week, the German website WinFuture published what it’s claiming to be the full specifications of both the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. According to the report, there will also be a Note 20 variant that lacks 5G support. 

Finally, Note 20 is rumored to have already ditched the 100x zoom feature that launched with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, focusing instead on improving the overall camera experience with a 50x zoom level. WinFuture’s report backs up that claim, with the Ultra maxing out at 50x zoom, while the standard Note 20 will have 30x. 

Outside of a handful of leaks, we don’t have any concrete numbers for storage, memory, or even display size. In a couple of now melted tweets, Ross Young claimed the Note 20 display would be 6.42 inches, while the Note 20 Plus (maybe Ultra?) would be 6.87 inches. SamMobile reported on the content of the tweets when they were first posted earlier this year. 

It’s a safe bet to say that the Note 20 will start with at least 128GB of storage, although WinFuture claims its double that, at 256GB and either 8GB or 12GB of memory, depending on the model. 

The S20 Ultra will have a 6.9-inch 120Hz display, while the Note 20 will come in at 6.7 inches with a 60Hz refresh rate. 

As for cameras, WinFuture is reporting the Ultra will have a 108MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide angle, and a 12MP 5x optical zoom shooter. The standard Note 20 will reportedly have a 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide, and a 64MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom. 


Image courtesy of Evan Blass (@Evleaks)

How much will it cost?

  • Starting price should be $1,000

Ice Universe is predicting the Note 20 will cost $999, while the Note 20 Ultra will be priced at $1,299, and we imagine those estimates are close, if not a little low. 

The S20 Ultra, for example, starts at $1,399 and received a lot of criticism about being too expensive. Hopefully, Samsung took that feedback and found a way to lower the cost of the high-end Note 20 device. 

OK, what about the Galaxy Z Fold 2?

  • The follow up to the first Galaxy Fold is expected soon
  • Current rumors point to Aug. 5 announcement, Sept. launch
  • The name could be the Galaxy Z Fold 2? Maybe?

Ice Universe has posted a leaked marketing photo, confirming the new name and giving us a blurry look at the Z Fold 2’s new design. 

The Galaxy Fold was a solid first attempt at a phone with a foldable display, well, after the initial issues that delayed its original launch. Samsung successfully launched another foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip, earlier this year, and now it’s time for the Fold’s successor. 

According to Ross Young, the Z Fold 2 will be announced alongside the Note 20, but won’t be available until sometime in September.

Android Authority is reporting that the Z Fold 2’s external display will measure 6.23 inches, while the internal display will measure 7.59 inches with a 120Hz refresh rate, just like the Note 20 line. 

Outside of the limited leaks and rumors, the Z Fold 2 will likely have 5G and perhaps an S Pen for the first time, adding to its productivity-focused feature set. 

We’ll know a lot more about Samsung’s latest smartphone releases in just a few weeks, but until then, we’ll keep watching for more reports, leaks, and rumors.

Are you looking forward to either device? If so, which one and why? Let us know in the comments.

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